Our purpose In a world that asks us to reinvent ourselves, we help organizations to experience their transformation in a positive way to achieve their full potential.

Our Team

Fabrice Casanova

Consultant et coach, j’accompagne la révélation des Talents des organisations et des collaborateurs avec une conviction : pas de transformation collective sans transformation individuelle et pas de transformation individuelle sans plaisir !

Virginie Captier

J’aide les entreprises à accomplir leur raison d’être pour à changer le monde, un projet à la fois.

Patrice Naudy

Fou amoureux de la vie, d’aïkido et de kite surf, j’aime accompagner les dirigeants et les organisations dans leurs transformations, tout particulièrement par le développement de la Confiance.

Lucie Boquet

J’accompagne les talents au sein des organisations qui bougent ! Psychologue de formation (et pas seulement !), j’aime croiser les regards pour envisager l’avenir autrement.

Pierre Santarelli

Consultant rêveur, mon aspiration est de développer la vitalité des organisations et de créer une relation de confiance entre les équipes.

Lou-Emmanuel Gaze

Jeune consultant enthousiaste, je souhaite aider les entreprises dans leur poursuite d’agilité en y révélant les potentiels individuels et collectifs

Louis Dambre

Je souhaite aider les entreprises et leurs collaborateurs à innover et donner du sens à travers leurs projets de transformation.

Our innovative approach

Our organization We have chosen to organize ourselves according to a non-hierarchical model in order to increase the contribution of each individual and strengthen the collective dynamic. This is reflected in a number of innovative actions, such as:

Assuming a role, not a rank

Each person is free to define, with his or her team, his or her role in the mission. This way, we encourage the development of talent.

Engaging in Circles

Everyone is involved in internal circles to think, decide and act for the common good of the firm.

Giving and receiving feedback

Everyone gives and asks for feedback throughout their client and internal assignments, thus advocating continuous individual and collective improvement.

Self-defining own salary

Each person redefines his or her remuneration annually, putting his or her desires and contributions into perspective, with high standards and authenticity.

Join us

You are...

  • Enthusiast and pragmatic, ambitious and caring, curious and determined
  • You are convinced that the performance of organizations goes hand in hand
  • Recognized for your interpersonal skills, your good humor and your ability to challenge the status quo

and you seek...

  • A role combining business insight and human
  • To act as an entrepreneur
  • To have a broad variety of assignments
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