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The epic of transformation

  • 1: In the middle of the VUCA Ocean, the potters were getting bored on their island. Amphorae, once very popular, sold less and less well.
  • 2: However, the potters did not lack varied know-hows, which they cultivated... outside of work.
  • 3: One day, an unexpected traveler arrived on the island. His stories aroused the curiosity of some potters.
  • 4: Each one projected his own dreams on these new horizons.
  • 5: To make their dreams come true, they decided to travel together to explore the world on the VUCA ocean.
  • 6: Their epic was full of experiences, some difficult, all enriching.
  • 7: They came back nurtured. Their stories about their discoveries and their enthusiasm in turn inspired other vocations of explorers among the potters left on the island.
  • 8: This collective epic had given them all a new drive. Life on the island of the potters had once again a meaning.
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  • Can you feel the wind of change?

    1. In a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) that evolves more and more quickly, not changing is stalling.

    We are living the end of the mechanistic model, considering organizations as machines with well-oiled gears, standardized production and predictable activity over the next 3 years.

  • Your team members are talented

    2. Revealing these individual and collective capabilities is the starting point for any successful transformation.

    In a mechanistic model, we spend more time getting employees into the expected skills boxes than exploiting their capabilities... It is not through a forward-looking approach to employment and skills management (GPEC) that we would have imagined corporate hackers!

  • Open your eyes and ears wide!

    3. Practices that exist outside your organization can inspire you.

    Exploring these aspirational insights can be done through learning expeditions but it is more broadly embodying a posture of openness and constant watch.

  • Free you dreams

    4. Revealing the desire for change in everyone’s mind and heart is essential to any collective transformation.

    One always buys in a transformation because one finds a personal sense in it and one feels emotionally and not just intellectually the opportunities it represents at one’s level.

  • Share a collective purpose

    5. Preparing to onboard on the transformation boat is a collective decision, based on the commitment of each crew member.

    The transformation is not the prerogative of the leaders of the organization, who would shape it and then ask all it employees to make it happen. This “Command and Control” vision is not agile enough for a VUCA world.

  • Get onboard you too!

    6. Give momentum, experiment, fail, learn, adapt and start again... The journey of transformation must be lived, and not explained.

    On the boat of transformation, trust is the best engine of action. As everyone demonstrates autonomy and confidence, the crew can adapt very quickly to the unexpected. The outcome of the journey relies on this ability to fuel collective intelligence.

  • Share your own experience…

    7. ... to inspire others. Thus, the epic of transformation never stops.

    A successful journey brings both personal fulfilment and material enrichment. Similarly, employees’ development is inseparable from economic performance for an organization.

  • The end of the amphorae era!

    8. The machine era is over and it’s time for living businesses! A living organization never stops transforming itself and constantly challenges its purpose.

    To transform is to live, seek fulfilment individually and collectively. Would this not be the “why” of any organization or individual: to thrive in permanent progress, to live a creative and fruitful unbalance, at economic level... and far beyond?

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